Getting to know meeeee, getting to know all about meeeeee...

Choose your adventure:

The Short Version:

I nurture transparent relationships.  I love being fully present with people, with zero judgement and zero agenda.   I listen, a lot.  I dance sometimes.  I support always.  This, as they say, is my jam.  My jammy-jam in an almond butter sammich is to use those natural abilities in helping people and businesses flourish authentically, in balance, without the muscle and hustle.  Your drum beats to your own rhythm, let's honor that, not fence you in.

I've got a lot of learning under my belt - formal undergrad, school of hard knocks, entrepreneurial pursuits, oh my!  But wait there's more: Massage therapy, herbal medicine, life and health coaching, business training...  there's so much to know in this world.  It's my aim to capture at least some of it, repackage the useful stuff and pass it along to you in a way that feels meaningful and accessible to you :)

I want to work with people who want to work with me.  I'm not the right flavor for everyone, and that's actually a good thing.  If you a) love to learn b)love to be the captain of your own ship c) don't want to accept a culturally prescribed life and d) put a high value on your health and internal compass... then we should chat, srsly.

The Long Version:

Whenever I'm asked to talk about what I do, I prefer to start talking about my 'why', that invisible force that guides all my motivations and actions.  I inherently seek ways to nurture transparent relationships.  I thrive on building relationships of substance, dependability, openness and passion.  I become lit-up and vibrant when I can help change things that aren't working... And making those changes in community or relationship feels nourishing, deeply engaging and just makes me want to dance!  So making it my life's work to intentionally put myself in these situations seems like I've hit the jackpot.

Being a massage therapist since 2008 has taught me how to be fully present with each person, exactly as they are, accepting and honoring their current expression of life while helping them to release old habits that keep them locked in a place of want... want for less pain, want for less struggle or more freedom, more expansiveness, and ease. This releasing typically comes in the form of new knowledge as when our awareness is opened to a wider or deeper picture suddenly there's more room for growth and ah-ha's. When these moments happen, I just gotta wag my tail, it's so fun!!

Since March of 2006, being a business owner has been my job, but I've never really felt like what I do is "work." I still can't believe that every day I wake up and get to help people, take care of them, and be a partner in their health, healing and living a life that feels balanced, inspired and awesome.  How great is that!?!? is the latest in the line of my entrepreneurial endeavors.  Prior to this, I owned and operated Sweet Fern Studio, Quintessence, Massage & Wellness (which Sweet Fern is born from), and before that, Phoenix Fitness of Ithaca.  I don't know if you want to go through my history all the way back to the lemonade stand at the end of my driveway, but I think you get the picture :)  Me likey my business(es).  It just feels right.

After trying a few different 'traditional' paths of schooling and employment (which you can ask me about when we talk!), I decided to take a huge risk, quit everything, and go to massage school. It was the best decision I. have. EVER. made! I found my true self in massage school, and now get to share the gift of massage and an authentic me with the world every day. Plus the REALLY cool thing? For 4 years I was also an instructor at my alma mater, The Finger Lakes School of Massage, teaching my craft as well as the beauty of Business to sparkly eyed massage students!  Business runs in my blood, so being able to guide newbie therapists to self employment was a natural fit.

Through the course of my massage life I have developed a tremendous interest in nutrition and natural remedies to support myself and my clients to improved health.  This led me to attend The Heartstone Herbal School for a 6 month apprenticeship program.  It is as a result of this deepened training in the body and in plant medicine that I now integrate this healing knowledge into my work with beautiful results!  Engaging people with the green world of helpful plants is so rewarding, empowering and way less expensive than the current traditional model.

For the coaching side of my life, I have completed training through the top ranked Coaches Training Institute in their core curriculum, and am in process to complete their rigorous certification training.  In addition, I am a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach candidate.  I am always engaged with some kind of continuing education due to my severe love of learning.  Currently I am completing Marie Forleo's B-School program.  So, yeah, learning coming out my wazoo - and you get the benefits!  

I also offer both in person as well as virtual workshops on a variety of subjects that I happen to be VERY passionate about and love to talk about with others.  These range from The Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions, to interview skills, to authentic entrepreneurship, to health and life wellness coaching, visioning and goal setting... I could go on, and on, and on...  If you have a question about whether I've got a solution to your needs, schedule a free clarity conversation with me.  I feel like one of my purposes in life is to help people in any way I am well equipped to, so I'd love to see if could be a resource for you in creating a more happier, healthier and satisfying life.

My formal education is in Criminal Justice, Business and Psychology, vocational training in Massage Therapy, life training in Business, apprentice training in Herbal Medicine, immersive learning in Life and Health Coaching through The Coaches Training Institute and The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.  All of this to say quite simply I have a deep love of learning how to be a better person, how to take better care of this amazing and ever-changing body I get the privilege of inhabiting, and how to help others life a life that feels authentic, expansive and juicy good.

Hugs and high-fives,