Clarity Call

45 minutes of "better than a great massage" benefits

Here's where you get to take me for a spin!  Weeeeeeeeee! Coaching is a phenomenal skill and an even greater investment, but it only works at its best if there's chemistry.  You have to not only know, but also feel that I've got yer back.  I have to know that you're in it to win it.  So come to me with a burning desire, a troublesome life blemish, whatever you like and I'll give you what I've got.  You see if it works for you.  It's like getting a free massage (who doesn't love that?!!).  You get some good out of it and you get to see if you like the way that practitioner works.  And you know when you've had an 'ok' massage (I can hear you groaning from here).  I'm not after 'ok' and you shouldn't be either.  I'm after 'HELL YES!!!!' Are ya with me?!

But we can only know if we're a hell yes if we talk first.  So call me.  No sales, no pressure.  I promise.  I also promise that you'll get a lot out of a one hour phone call.  I won't hold back, I won't "save the good stuff" until you've signed up for a longer term thing.  I want you to fully know what my coaching is like, so that's exactly what you'll get - 100% me.  Your life can change in a moment... sometimes that moment happens during this free call.  Sometimes its after the call. This call is me doing my absolute best to help that change come to fruition.