Getting to know meeeee, getting to know all about meeeeee...

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The Short Version:

  • Serial Entrepreneur since 2006 - all businesses successful by "traditional" standards, but my health, relationships and spirit took a beating along the way.  I've finally got it right (see next bullet).  I'm now allergic to "traditional."
  • Firmly standing in the camp of 'build the life you want and create your work around it' - yep, you can do this too.
  • Highly empathic and skilled at using my intuition and feelings (aka my gut-mind, heart-mind and body-mind) as my compass.  I use my brain-mind as back-up and find this approach really shuts up my inner critic. 
  • I'm a child-free goddess and relish in talking all things pro-creation and how fertility is a human experience, not just a classically "female" experience.  We're all birthing something into this world and leaving a legacy, some of us more consciously than others.
  • My forms of meditation are mountain biking in Moab, UT and playing guitar in the morning while sipping on deliciously made french press coffee.
  • Cooking good food is a daily staple.  I wake up planning dinner and love orienting my life around crafting yummy meals for people.
  • I'm a graduate of: undergrad in Criminal Justice (*scratches head at that one) with minors in Business and Psychology (ah, that makes more sense now), NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, The Coach Training Institute's Core Curriculum and Leadership Training, and Marie Forleo's B-School Program.  I'm sure there'll be more... I'm a junkie for self-betterment.  

The Long Version:

I’ve always loved the quote by George Bernard Shaw that goes, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” 

When I was in high school I was always most proud when I had the opportunity to share that I had been to more countries than states.  Yet as I got older, I wasn’t seeing the world as much as I wanted to.  Falling into a traditional young professional lifestyle kept me from exploring the world more.  But normal people didn’t do that, they worked their 50 weeks a year, BBQ’d in the backyard on holidays and slept in on Sunday.  It’s a nice life, but the depression I was experiencing was telling me that it wasn’t for me.

It wasn’t until I was 27 when I came to learn that I was allergic to stress.  No, really.  I was.  I didn’t know it, but I had been experiencing this allergy my whole life.  Overwhelmed by college finals?  Sure, develop some strange, agonizing, shoulder pain that morphine and MRI’s couldn’t touch. Working 7 days a week in a new job? Why not have weirdo digestive, head, and body troubles for months on end.  I swear as a kid I got the flu every year before the school year started.  What I now know, is this is called stress-related illness.  It’s the body’s reaction to sustained stress over a long period of time. You probably have a touch of it too, heck living in America it’s almost a requirement.

So after I was diagnosed with stress-related illness and my physician instructed me to “take a look at my life, because something wasn’t working for me”  I did just that.  A week later, I quit my high stress job and started teaching group fitness classes and working at Lowe's selling appliances. Whaddaya know? No pain! No more digestive woes! Wait, was the depression lifting?   Within a year I was running my own business, and from there I was called to go to massage school so I could help others with their stress.  I fell in love with massage and started a business that had other therapists and healing practitioners.  9 years down that road, and BAM! Stress-related issues reared their ugly head again.  It was the lifestyle.  Hustling to get the client, saying yes when I should have said no, work acting as my job and my hobby. Eventually I sold the business so I could slow down, get healthy, regroup.

The missing piece of the puzzle started showing up when I was 34 and took my first cross country road trip one March.  Finally, MORE STATES, YAY!!!!  I was instantly hooked.  The following year I spent 3 weeks out west.  When I wasn’t running the massage business it grew to 5 weeks, then 9.  To support this travel habit, my fella and I recently acquired an adventure van we affectionately call ‘The Beast.’  We live, travel, work and play out of our van when we crave better weather and a new view.

Now my life is filled with all the things I love, that keep me healthy, grounded, vibrant and joyful while keeping my negative stress level to a minimum (for the most part).  I also get to be a contributing member to society, pay taxes and save for retirement – aka adulting 3.0. My business is coaching and running workshops around the country when I travel, but my business is also taking exquisite care of myself, making time for conversations with friends, crafting delicious meals, playing guitar, mountain biking my butt off, doing a little day reading in the sunshine.  It all counts.

Over the years, I’ve added more tools to my stress management tool box, from herbal medicine, to life coaching to Functional Medicine health coaching to leadership training.  Coaching has been the biggest asset to continually ask me “what is it that I want to create for myself?” and giving me to confidence and skills to get it, in a relaxed and organic way, of course.

My toolbox sets me up beautifully to help others create their own experience of vibrant health and connection to all the things that matter in their life.  Yours doesn’t have to look like mine, it’s not about finding yourself in my life.  What life do you want to create for yourself?  Anything is really possible with a partner in crime to give you a helping hand out of the box of what’s “normal.”   I know I’m in my element when I hear myself saying to someone, “can you cancel that obligation? It doesn’t seem to light you up.” “Where are you taking care of yourself in all this?” “How might slowing down actually help you to get more done?” “What does thriving look like to you?”

Shall we get started on creating your version of thriving?  Let's see if we're a good fit.  Book your free 20-minute connection call!  Not quite sure yet, read what some others have to say about working with me :)


Adrienne is filled with high intuition, directness and a wonderful talent of supporting while gently pushing me toward my desires. I would recommend her for anyone who is ready to jump into the life they dream of living. I adore her.
— L.S.