nnsssaaah, nsssah nnnssssaahhh - that's the beat of a new workshop!

Ooooooooooyeaaahhhh, that's right.  Baby Gurl has been working on some new material for quite some time now and it's ready to be announced!!

Since January I've been collaborating with an old colleague of mine, Jesse Ball, on creating an entrepreneurship class.  We're both a little nutty about being in business for yourself but also equally nutty about being in the business of you first, then using that knowledge to form a business that builds fans and loyalty instead of transactional consumers. 

Through the course of our ever evolving conversations, we started to realized we were building something greater than what we originally intended but instead of getting scared of the size of this new creation, we too started to grow in size in the form of enthusiasm, courage and commitment. 

So I now get to present to you (trumpets please, or in my case, a good bass beat): 

Oh yes, it really is that good.  We're brewing 5, yes, FIVE different workshops that will all come together like the spokes of a wheel to form a gorgeously cohesive approach to living life according to you. 

You begin to:   Explore the Power of YOU

a)      Realize what makes you uniquely who you are and why you do what you do

b)      Understand how to use this awareness to honor your true self and your ways of moving through the world

c)      Accept who you are, your strengths, natural desires and how that distinguishes you in incredible ways

d)      Integrate this powerful knowledge toexperience a more genuine, fulfilling life through the daily intentions that influence how you care for yourself, how you connect with others and how you work and play

Once you’ve got that piece figured out the rest is MUUUCH easier!  Next you may be most interested in:

Unleash Your Innate Health

Deepen Your Kindred Connections

Flourish in Your Heartfelt Business

Delight in Your Balanced Life

 For more information email: awakenauthenticlife@gmail.com or let us keep you up-to-date at http://awakenyourauthenticlife.kickoffpages.com

You may decide that Explore the Power of You is all you really needed to get things moving on the right track and have life finally *click* or you may decide to take all five workshops, or just two... It's a choose your own adventure style of life, beeeeeecause that's how life sometimes goes.  But we always start with you first.  And that's a pretty powerful place to begin.



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