I just heard this word in a program that was playing in the background as I was cleaning, but dang, it stuck!  And put a little sly smile on my face at the same time...  I had to know what this shabooyah business was all about!  And now that I know, I must share it!

As Urban Dictionary explains, it's like  "In your face, this Is how it's done" as in "To all my doubters I did it, shabooyah!"  Or "a way to celebrate somethin" in another word for Hooray.  I like it as a combo between the two, a way to celebrate with a more 'uuumph", a more sass, more shabooyah. 

But wait, it gets better... There's a soooooooooong!!!  And I now introduce you to your next cantgetitouttamyhead ditty:

You're welcome.  Get'cho groove on party people!  Shabooyah!


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