Methylation Magic, say whaaaat?!

Alright, many of you have heard me yak on and on about this neato-bandito DNA testing I did over the summer... I spit into a tube (it's amazing how much spit I produce!), sent it off into this pre-paid package and 23andMe sends me back my results.  I wasn't so interested in the ancestry part (although finding out I have a teensy amount of Mongolian/Yakut was a fun surprise to this Italian/German chick) but I wanted the wellness side of it.  At my fella's family reunion, a cousin was telling me about this new development in their nutrition clinic that uses the raw genetic data from the DNA test and uses it to tell me, on the most individual level possible, how efficiently my methylation pathway was working. 

Ok, did your eyes just boggle a bit?  Methylation....  I didn't know what it was either.  It's not the drug, but a process our bodies use to detoxify and expel excess chemicals, hormones, toxins, oh my!  If it's not working, build up happens, and as we know, more is not always better.  In my search more insight about this process, I came across an article that hooked me.  You may find yourself or a loved one in the description of a methylation dysfunction, I know I did.   Check it out!

The great news is that methylation can be brought back to balance through vitamins and supplements.  This is where the cousin's nutrition clinic came in.  They provided me with a personalized report of how my methylation cycle was working (or not working in my case!) and the recommended supplements to use.  I'm only a month in, and already I'm noticing better sleep, balanced mood (and a happy one at that), more energy, less brain fog...  and this is from things like vitamin d, vitamin a, b12, amongst others.  Basic, but the suggestions are for specific forms of these vitamins, ones that I know will work with how my detoxification process is wired.

Ok, that's enough text talking for now...  If you are curious, reach out to me!  I'm happy to connect with you with Cousin Nutrition, and if you didn't know, I'm also in pursuit of a certificate in Functional Medicine Health Coaching, wahoo!  I can help on the behavior side, he can help with the genetic side.  Whatever you need and want... I just want to help make you as happy and healthy as can be. 

Until next time...  hugs and high fives :)


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