You Make-a-mah Dreams Come True

Oh Monday.  How you are a harbinger of all things new and fresh.  I am coming off my birthday weekend, and what a fantabulous weekend it was!  A girls weekend getaway to the ADK's (the adirondacks) infused with the most delicious food, heart-and-soul conversations, many MANY hours spent in the hot tub, toe nails painted and fortunes read (see a few pics below... well, as soon as I can get the off my phone they'll be there).  But I have to say one of the best parts was waking up on Sunday morning and having a Breath of Joy exercise turn into a dance party.  This sequence reminded me of two things:

1)  How a simple breathing exercise has the incredible power in less than 3 minutes to change my mood, my body physiology, my energy level and outlook on the day.  

2)  How much FUN it is to start the day with great music!! Do you do this?  Did you use to do this but have slipped out of the habit?  Well, here at ARC (Adrienne Ruzic Coaching :)  I strive to make every day just a little better than the one before, and each month better than the last... so today I invite you to listen in to this toe tapping, get'cha going' snappy song.  Find some ideas and inquiries below to incorporate more of this jazziness into your life.

OMG!  How awesome was the 80's?!!!  This just makes me happy.  

Ideas and Inquiries:

1)  Make your own wake-up play list - Spotify rocks at this!

2)  Set your phone alarm to wake you up to songs like James Browns "Get Up Offa That Thang" or Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling"

3) or my personal favorite... Do the Breath of Joy Exercise (link above) to the Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams"  - be warned, you'll be laughing, sweating and having the full body tingles after this one - it's a doozy!

4)  What is your current morning routine?  In what way can you tweak it slightly to bring a little lightness, movement and joy into your day?  3-5 minutes is all ya need here.  

5)  How can you allow some space for active dreaming into your day?  I love this song for that message - you make my dreams come true!  You're in charge of those dreams, baby.  In order to make them come true, its valuable to allow yourself some space to let them stretch their legs, grow bigger and become more clear.  If you need a booster, I'm here for just that sort of thing.  

As a friend in college used to say, Love, Peace and Hair Grease!