Ooops, I did it again...

Thank you, Britney, for today's blogtastic title :)

ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!  You'd think after 10 years I'd have it figured it out by now.  Guess it's a lesson I didn't quite learn until now....

That lesson: keeping my health well, healthy while I do meaningful work.

Awww, shewt.  I left a (well paying) job in corporate human resources because my doctor diagnosed me with "mycompany-itis."  This basically meant the prior 6 months straight of of doctor visits, negative test results and varied symptoms equated to the fact that I was over worked, stressed out, not taking good care of myself and boy was my body telling me so.  

At the time I didn't understand this communication method my body was using, but as time passed I began to notice the trend:  Bizzaro shoulder pain in college - MRI's, pain meds and PT revealed no cause or solution.  Funny though, when I went home for a week on a break, it magically disappeared, until it surfaced again a week after I went back to school. *scratches head*

Then there was that time when I was working 15 hour days in my business and teaching, would come home after work, shovel toast or a bowl of pasta in my mouth and head out for a night of socializing and dancing, slept a handful of hours, and woke to do it all again - seriously at LEAST 5 nights a week.  I started dropping f-bombs during my teaching gig (which was SO not cool for that environment).  I was riding life on a constant stream of coffee, carbs and adrenaline and was surprised when I couldn't sit still, sleep, focus, or pause before reacting.  (Can you say "inflammed" anyone?)

Then most recently, after running a business that I loved for years, holding my health in the forefront of my mind (this time!), I still found myself feeling depressed, lost for meaning, direction and connection.  I couldn't figure it out.  I know, like I breathe, that I love being an entrepreneur... could it be that it just wasn't "good" for me?  Maybe it was just that I wasn't smart enough to know how to manage both at the same time?  I felt so defeated.  What made it worse was that I was being defeated by ME.  

In my soul, I believe.  I believe that there is such a thing as balance.  I believe that anyone can have it.  I believe that it looks different for each person.  And I believe that I'm here to help you find your version of balance.  I finally found mine, and it shifts a bit from day to day, but a piece of my balance puzzle is in fact, working with you.  You are the key to my balance, and I hope to be the key to yours.  

I rely on paying attention to the way your body is communicating with you.  It's incredible how savvy this method of language is.  Maybe you don't feel as vibrant and enthusiastic as you once did.  Maybe your brain feels foggy, or you notice yourself acting in ways that aren't quite 'you'.  Maybe you just long for a really satisfying poop, no gas, no bloating and each day it alludes you.  When you act inflammed, good chances are your body is inflammed. When you lack energy, your body lacks receiving good energy in the form of food, nutrition, or social connection.  When you talk about something and you automatically light up and get all jazzy, that points to something really positive for you.  But if you go 'grey' and your tone of voice goes flat, it's a good bet that you feel flat and grey about the topic you're discussing.  

It's sometimes hard to notice these distinctions as you're living in your body, that's why having an outsider (like me) is helpful to draw your attention to it.  The other benefit, is that I don't judge ANY of it.  I just notice it.  You may find that when people who are close to you notice these same things, there's perhaps an agenda behind it... a subtle (or not so subtle) desire for it/you to change to what they want it to be.  My only desire for something to change is two fold: 1) It changes if you want it to change, and 2) it changes in the way you want it to change.  I help you figure out if you desire that change and distinguish exactly what you want it evolve to be.

I'm sure I have more to say on this topic, but for now, I've run out of steam on it.  BRB, LOL, SRSLY, YOLO and all those good things :)

Updated side notes:

a)  I want a red suit too!  MeooOOOWW!

2) Who thought up the premise to this video?  *scratches head for the 2nd time this post*  It amazes me that some people get paid for their crap, er, I mean craft.

tres) nope, I only had two things, but really wanted to use tres in this post, so, BLAM!  Today's definition of success has been fulfilled :)

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