Coaching, Baby

"Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."

Coaching is much like this quote.  At many stages in life we can find ourselves in a moment of feeling lost.  Lost to who we are, lost to our purpose.  We forget why we made the decisions that led us here.  Sometimes external factors have their way with us much like a tornado that rip apart our current version of life and drop it in no mans land next to a shit covered cow. 

We're left to rebuild, to create, again.  

Having a coach is like having a contractor.  Someone who sees the bigger picture, is unbiased, is there to serve your needs and help your dream come to life before your eyes.  They have the skill of asking the right questions to clarify what you're really after so you don't get a wall where you were envisioning a window, or big beautiful french doors.  And just when you think you can't handle the chaos and wreckage any longer, your coach will pull back the curtain and show you just how close you really are.  


My flavor = connection

As humans, we are wired for connection.  At a primal level, connection is the thing that ensures our survival.  If we are accepted by our 'tribe' then we earn protection, food, shelter, resources... we get to live.  Connection = safety.  If we are ousted by our tribe, we face a barren landscape, foraging for food and water, and ready to battle any other tribe we happen to cross, facing death daily.  But in modern times when we lose our sense of connection, our bodies respond as if we are facing death, seeing the world as full of things ready to take us down.  But losing connection with our tribe is not the only things that lead us to 'death' whether it be a physical, emotional, or spiritual death...

When we lose connection to:

  • a deep sense of meaningful work
  • vitality and what happy health looks and feels like
  • choice. To freedom. To having a say.
  • free time, play, balance and peace
  • heartfelt relationships
  • authenticity, effervescence and radiant joy
  • a greater sense of fulfillment
  • ourselves.

... the world begins to feel unsafe.  We begin to shrink, make ourselves smaller so we don't risk being seen by things that are out to get us.  We start seeing ordinary things as something to be scared of, every decision analyzed, scrutinized, looked at from every angle to ensure it's a safe bet.  Boy, that gets super exhausting.  Imagine what you could do with all that freed up energy and mental space!

I help people shed their battle armor, I help them reconnect with the pieces of themselves that have been lost or access the pieces that haven't been allowed to exist yet.  You deserve so much more than you've been allowed.  One of my favorite people agrees in her Declaration of Deserving.  If you're interested in more by this beauty, Danielle LaPorte, I offer her Desire Map Workshop once a year, just sayin'. 

There's a few ways this looks:

Complimentary Connection Call

Here's where you get to take me for a test spin!  Weeeeeeeeee! Coaching is a phenomenal skill and an even greater investment, but it only works at its best if there's chemistry.  You have to feel that I've got yer back.  I have to know that you're in it to win it.  So come to me with a burning desire, a troublesome life blemish, whatever you like and I'll give you what I've got.  You see if it works for you.  It's like getting a free massage (who doesn't love that?!!).  You get some good out of it and you get to see if you like the way that practitioner works.  And you know when you've had an 'ok' massage (I can hear you groaning from here).  I'm not after 'ok' and you shouldn't be either.  I'm after 'HELL YES!!!!' Are ya with me?!

But we can only know if we're a hell yes if we talk first.  So call me.  No sales, no pressure.  I promise.  I also promise that you'll get a lot out of a free phone call.  I won't hold back, I won't "save the good stuff" until you've signed up.  I want you to fully know what my coaching is like, so that's exactly what you'll get - 100% me.  Your life can change in a moment... sometimes that moment happens during this free call.  Sometimes its after the call. This call is me doing my absolute best to help the change you're craving come to fruition. 

Ninety-Minute Thrive Call

90-Minute Thrive Calls can solve problems, as well as spark ideas, insight and innovation that create business or personal success. At its core, it’s about making conscious choices that honor your values, gives you energy and inspiration, and above all, moves you toward a fulfilled life.

Here we spend 1.5 hours in a deep dive, brainstorm bonanza and action-jackson plan production on a topic of your choosing.

At the end, you'll have:
1.    A fresh, clear perspective on your topic
2.    A flurry of tangible, actionable ideas
3.    An empowering mindset and embodiment
4.    A plan to move you forward that speaks to both what you're doing AND who you're being.
5.    An inner resource for you to call upon when things begin to feel hazy.

*typically done over the phone. 

Investment: $250

A short and sweet version of this is available for 45-minutes and $135.  Not as deep a dive, but serves as a good course "check-n-correct" session.  Especially meaningful as a follow-up to the deeper 90 minute session.



Intro to Coaching - 6 Session Series

This is like the first few dates of a coaching relationship.  We spend time getting to know one another to really create the chemistry and connection that will set the foundation for a trusting and effective relationship.  Here's what it looks like:

  1. Before our first call, you'll get the Discovery Packet - 20 questions designed to grease your dreaming wheels.   We'll use this as the starting place for your journey.  Choose your adventure!
  2. Discovery Session - A 90 minute deep dive into your insights and revelations from your Discovery Packet.  We design our alliance - how we both need and want to work together for smooth success.  We identify your priorities, values, and visions you have for your life.   You pick the focus for our 5 follow-up calls, the area where you want to really start seeing something shift for the better.
  3. Follow-up Calls - you get 5 of them!  One hour each where we review accomplishments and missed marks since the last call,  we dig deeper into other areas for new awareness, commit to fresh actions, and clarity unfolds like a fern leaf in the morning sun.
  4. Bonus Wrap-up Call - 30 minutes of feedback and feedforward.  What helped you the most?  What a-ha really started to shift things for you? What do you need moving forward to maintain progress?  I set you off on your way with a fresh batch of ideas and targets to help keep your momentum and maximize the changes you've made already.

Investment: $975  (valued at $1,400)

Most people love this option as an easy, low commitment entry point to get some greater fulfillment and joy out of life.  You're not locked into any long-term program, you get the experience to see if coaching is what you're after, and you get the all the benefits of a coach with no side effects.  *One time purchase per client.     

The Harmony Package

This is the mother of all methods, the big kahuna, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  This is where your new life becomes habit.  Where what you once dreamed about but never thought was possible is suddenly your new status quo.  This is where you dream and achieve like you never even knew possible.

Here we co-create our terms and how we work together.  You're always in the drivers seat, but I get control of the radio and the playlist.  I bring a whole host of tools, activities, meditations and radical actions all for the sole purpose of uncovering your jam and helping you to live it out loud.  

Engagement lengths vary from client to client.  Some prefer a jam-packed 8 week program, some want 12 months of exploration, experimentation and space for life to evolve.  Whichever your flavor we'll jointly come up with an arrangement to be exactly what you want and need it to be.

Here's how we do it:

1.  Vision - what is it that you want for your life?  How do you want it to feel?  Who do you want to be?  What do you want to do? You know, simple questions like this to answer ;)

2.  Strategy - the 'how' behind your vision. The details/steps/actions/plan to get you there.

3.  Mindset - This is the shining star of coaching.  This is where your beliefs get shifted to clear the way so your strategy actually leads to you arriving at your vision. (now you wonder why it is you've tried to quit that thing but haven't been successful after all the attempts? It's most likely your mindset)

4.  Skillset - what do you need to learn how to do to arrive at your vision?

5.  Energy - we look at what energizes your life and what sucks the life out of you.  Slowly we add in more of the energizing factors, reduce the life sucking factors and what's left is a vat full of energy to fuel your journey.  *hint: sometimes this is the only thing that needs addressing for the rest of the steps to naturally flourish. 

You get:

  • (12) 60 minute calls (generally 2 per month)
  • unlimited email and text support from me
  • a dedicated champion, cheerleader, and truth-teller by your side, every step of the way
  • access to a wealth of knowledge around health, fitness, entrepreneurship, marketing, authenticity, meditation, play, leadership and finance.
  • bonus detail on how to make a kick-ass cup of bulletproof coffee
  • articles, self-awareness surveys, book suggestions, homeplay activities regularly "drip-fed" to your inbox/text app to keep your motivation high, your learning deep, and your stress level stable.
  • website, marketing, and business design and work-life synergy mentorship included
  • a relationship custom designed to be exactly what you need it to be to get to where you want to go.  How's that for awesome!?
  • guaranteed results so long as you put into practice what you commit to

Investment:  $3,000.  Once you've 'graduated' from the Intro and Harmony Packages, you're eligible for the $400 month-to-month special.  

Other Offerings

Attend one of my in-person retreats, workshops, or group programs!  Shifts in your perspective and experience of life can come in many forms, it doesn't have to be one-on-one coaching.  Check out the programs I'm currently running in person here and my online goodies here.


Working with Adrienne and having an opportunity to tap into her expertise was such a pleasurable and enlightening experience for me! She asked questions, excellent questions, and lots of them. She helped me uncover things that I didn’t know about myself and to figure out what works and doesn’t work for me as we experimented with different approaches and ways to implement changes that would get me closer to my goals. She kept me accountable and focused. As a result, I’ve become a more mindful and flexible version of myself, open to giving myself a permission to experiment in different areas of my life. Thank you, Adrienne!
— Kateryna A.