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Adrienne Ruzic

Business and Leadership Coaching for a Harmonious Life.

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Ugh, that word. It's everywhere.  Like the world is rewarding those who are on the verge of burnout, family fall out, or soul death.  A badge of honor that congratulates a very narrow version of "success."   I've been there, many times in fact.  It feels good in the moment and some very convincing self-talk surfaces about achievement, getting ahead, security, betterment, making a difference.  Though talk to anyone on the other side of burnout and ask if it's worth it.  I've never heard a single "yes."  And watching someone in the thick of it is crushing.  

Research continues to prove that leaders who are overworked, sleep deprived and consumed with their job are less effective at seeing problems clearly and identifying creative solutions, are more likely to contribute to mistakes and accidents and ultimately leads to being less impactful and effective in working with others.  Overwork also doesn't deliver on the promise of greater output, but it does ring in decreased motivation, morale and increased sick time. That doesn't exactly sound like a recipe for a healthy bottom line, does it?

From CEO's to solopreneurs, as we strive to achieve and succeed, there can be a cost and it's not just in terms of dollars and cents.  A loss of sense of self.  A loss of connection to those we love.  A loss of vibrancy and health.  A loss of purpose, why we even started down this path.  Marriages, friendships, health, hobbies, and spirit all suffer.  It doesn't have to be this way.  I promise.  I'm here to help you see the other possibilities. To strategize how to get there.  To support you in making it a habit and turn it into the new norm.  

Here are a few ways I offer support and service:


Programs and Workshops



My favorite thing is to customize what I do to fit your unique needs.  Want to have one intensive day spent on mapping out your dreams? You got it.  Prefer to have a one hour accountability call each month? No problem!  So if you don't see something here that lands on how you like to roll, let me know, because  for me, collaboration is like tiramisu and Beyonce combined :)

Working with Adrienne has helped me tap into my own strengths, feel anchored to my own story and what I have to offer, so I can reach out to my clients with authenticity, joy and courage. My business has grown into my dream over the course of our coaching work together.
— Sadie H.

I'd love to see you THRIVE, your way.

Want to see if we're a good match?  Chemistry matters as much in coaching as it does in dating.  Your ability to fully access all the gloriousness that resides deep within you comes down to trust and you won't know if it's there unless we talk first.  There's nothing to loose, really.  Well, except for 20 minutes.