Coaching, Baby!

Imagine having someone you could entrust with your greatest secrets, your ultimate dreams, your hard deserved success and every happiness, knowing they are there to champion you, to help you up when you're down, and to remind you how amazing you are when you forget.  You're thinking this sounds like a romantic relationship, or your bestest friend, right?  HA!  gotcha.  Well, ideally, yes, its best to be connected with your loved ones in this way.  But as a guarantee?  Try a coach instead.  That's our job.  And more than that, it is our love (romance not included).

I'm trained to hear what you're not saying, to recognize when you're speaking your truth vs. when your gremlins have taken hold of the conversation (and know how to shut them up!).  I am skilled at reconnecting you to your own values, strengths, instinct and internal compass.  What I honor at the highest level in your innate ability to create life to be exactly how you want it to be...  this is brave work, but amazing, empowering, enlivening work... and 100% achievable.  




Single Sessions:

Clarity Call

Strategy Session

Package Options:

3 Month Package or Two Day Intensive

6 Month Package

12 Month Package


My personal flavor = Connection and Nourishment


As humans, we are wired for connection. 

At a primal level, connection is the thing that ensures our survival.  If we are accepted by our 'tribe' then we earn protection, food, shelter, resources... we get to live.  Connection = safety.  If we are ousted by our tribe, we face a barren landscape, foraging for food and water, and ready to battle any other tribe we happen to cross, facing death daily.  But in modern times when we lose our sense of connection, our bodies respond as if we are facing death, seeing the world as full of things ready to take us down.  But losing connection with our tribe is not the only things that lead us to 'death' whether it be a physical, emotional, or spiritual death...

When we lose connection to:

  • a deep sense of meaningful work
  • vitality and what happy health looks and feels like
  • choice. To freedom. To having a say.
  • free time, play, balance and peace
  • heartfelt relationships
  • authenticity, effervescence and radiant joy
  • a greater sense of fulfillment
  • ourselves.

... the world begins to feel unsafe.  We begin to shrink, make ourselves smaller so we don't risk being seen by things that are out to get us.  We start seeing ordinary things as something to be scared of, every decision analyzed, scrutinized, looked at from every angle to ensure it's a safe bet.  Boy, that gets super exhausting.  Imagine what you could do with all that freed up energy and mental space!

I help people shed their battle armor, I help them reconnect with the pieces of themselves that have been lost or access the pieces that haven't been allowed to exist yet.  You deserve so much more than you've been allowed.  One of my favorite people agrees in her Declaration of Deserving.  If you're interested in more by this beauty, Danielle LaPorte, I offer her Desire Map Workshop a few times a year, just sayin'. 


Single Sessions



Clarity Call

Strategy Session

  1. Immediate mental relief
  2. A sense of proactivity
  3. Calm mind = calm body
  4. No long term commitment
  5. There-when-you-need-it support
  6. Massive value, efficient time
  7. You get unstuck, fast
  8. Walk away with an action plan
  9. Unbiased, constructive feedback
  10.  Focus is 100% on you

Clarity is just a few clicks away...


to make it happen.

Coaching Packages



Part of the immense value of coaching is in its ability to change your hard-wiring (which is really what most people are actually after).  Habits are a malleable thing, and long term coaching really shines at taking less than helpful habits and converting them into natural ways of being that serve you and your dreams.  But this process need time and continuous massaging to really take hold.  Habits can form in 30 days, but it takes at least 90 to turn them into a lifestyle which is why my packages begin with 3 months...  Most people really soar with the 6 months because as we know from watching babies learn to walk, we stumble and fall a few times before it really starts to click and make sense.  12 months is best for those who are going for the whole life makeover approach and would love to have a kind of 'mountain guide' by their side through the growth process and ensure they climb to the top peak like they intended.  There's never any pressure or expectation to engage in coaching this way... I just know from experience that some people really prefer this method, so I offer it.  If you just want to roll with single sessions as you need them, then please do that!  I'm all about you getting your needs met in whatever healthy way that looks for you :)

3 Month Package

6 Month Pagkage

12 Month Package

  • Discovery Session (2 hours/$500 value)
  • (9) 30-minute coaching calls 
  • (5) email or text support check-ins each month
  • Recordings of all calls (if desired for future reference)
  • $75 off any virtual workshop
  • Free bonus gift!


  • Discovery Session (2 hours/$500 value)
  • (12) 60-minute coaching calls
  • (2) 60-minute coaching calls to give away
  • Personalized Supplement Program ($400 value)
  • Complementary seat for you and a friend to a virtual Desire Map workshop ($650 value)
  • Unlimited email and text support in-between calls
  • Recordings of all calls
  • Pre and Post session "deeper learning" assessments
  • Strengths Finder 2.0 book + assessment ($30 value)
  • Discovery Session (2 hours/$500 value)
  • (24) 60-minute coaching calls
  • (1) 2-hour strategy session ($250 value)
  • (5) 60-minute coaching calls to give away
  • Personalized Supplement Program ($400 value)
  • 25% Discount on Pure Encapsulations Supplements
  • Complimentary seat for you and a friend to a virtual workshop of your choice ($650+ value)
  • Unlimited email and text support in- between calls
  • Recordings of all calls
  • Pre and Post session "deeper learning" assessments
  • Strengths Finder 2.0 Book + assessment ($30 value)
  • Free bonus gifts!