“I can't recommend her enough."

I went into my coaching experience with Adrienne not knowing what to expect. I reached out for her support and a POV that was outside my industry. She was both those things for me and much more. She has a great gift of asking the right questions, which helped me understand my work more deeply and connect me to my core desires for how I wanted to live and run my business. I am so grateful for my time with her. I can’t recommend her enough.

— Kate Dimpfl.

“I always feel heard and remembered."

Every session with Adrienne leaves me feeling clearer, more resolved, and more inspired to lead a life filled with intention and wonder. I deeply appreciate her acute perceptiveness and her capacity for effective communication. She asks the right questions and makes use of information I’ve given her about myself in the past—her approach is tailored to my ways of being, and I always feel heard and remembered. I couldn’t be more grateful for her coaching.

— Rose Zonetti.

You know that feeling you get down to the depths of your soul that tells you you are on the verge of something so life changing, so mind blowing, so absolutely, positively an answer to a prayer that has been swimming in your heart for quite some time? Well, does that describe how grateful and down on my knees blessed I feel to be working with Adrienne? I couldn’t possibly imagine I could feel more excited than I do right now but of course I will!!!!

— Lisa Schwartz


“The exact thing I was looking for"

Working with Adrienne is proving to be the exact thing I was looking for in my life: that person who can see who I am, what I have to share with the world and have the strength to help me make forward motion through my fear. From our first session, I felt something very big happening in me, something I knew would be vital for me and who I want to become. She is truthful with an inner strength that is allowing me to trust that she will support me and push me when needed. She is a blessing.

— L.S.


Adrienne is a gifted facilitator and illuminator of the Desire Map process. She is a doula of core desired feelings, creating the sacred space for them to emerge with brilliant clarity. The dancing and delicious food, shared in a small group of kindred sisters, is a fabulous way to greet your own essential truths.

— Beth.


“Her passion and enthusiasm are inspiring"

This workshop came at the perfect time in my own growth process in moving towards a new perspective and towards setting an intentional new direction for myself. Also, I wanted to support Adrienne in this new venture. Her passion and enthusiasm are inspiring to me. I didn’t grow up with feelings being presented as a valuable/reliable/respected means of charting ones life or on which to base decisions. This workshop helped to make the door to that possibility a little wider

— J.C.

“Personalized Attention"

I am always so pleased with the attention that I receive when I visit Adrienne. She is very thorough in finding out what needs I have for that visit and of course I always feel great when I leave. I am so glad to have found her, as she is a major reason for my continued well being in my active life style.

— Peter.


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