Virtual Business Group Coaching

This is a monthly online meet-up group for solopreneurs, private practitioners and micro business owners who are seeking a more seamless integration of balance between running a business and living a life. This is also a group that acknowledges the isolation that can come with being in private practice and seeks to foster a sense of community and support though shared challenges, a growth mindset, desire to honor authenticity in business and refer customers to like-minded professionals.

Using a strengths based approach, the focus of this group is how to intentionally build a practice that supports social sustainability through work life balance, natural client attraction, and authentic practice management.  This group is designed to spur discussion, perspective shifts, offer assignments/projects, and spotlight coaching each month, so we can harness the power of group wisdom along with mentorship.

Monthly focus areas could include:

  • Your natural strengths: awareness of them, how/when to use them, overuse, developing lesser utilized strengths.
  • Manifestation of your innate customer:  the single representation of your ideal customer, getting "intimate" with that representation so you can "ACE" them (automatic customer embodiment) - instrumental with compassion based marketing
  • Business/life vision: Creating a compelling business vision then putting it into action
  • Product design/service offerings based on your ACE
  • Spotlight coaching: a member of the group is coached each month on a current challenge.
  • Development of  a doing/stop doing list: what are your time wasters, heart sinkers, your spirit soarers, energetic movers and what to do once you know what they are
  • Defining success: money is not your only metric, metrics of ease, core desired feelings
  • Personal branding: know how and when to use your fascination advantages and why this is valuable
  • Health practices, rituals or self care strategies to avoid caregiver fatigue and be vibrantly present in all areas of life
  • Other general categories can also include relationships, stress, diet/nutrition, exercise and movement
  • ...or what ever else you or the group would like to touch on :)  Bring your own topics too!

Participation in this group also give you access to a private LinkedIn Group so you get to share in knowledge, experience and insight from others.  I will aslo be posting occasional prompts, questions, videos and articles in between our calls to keep your progress and creativity flowing.     

Investment in yourself and your business: $150

plus, you get the option of an additional $30 savings on one 45 Minute One-on-One Thrive Call and $75 off an in-person seat at the May Fire Starter Sessions Workshop in Ithaca!