Lates/No shows/last minute cancellations

Oh, man, what a tremendous waste.  These really get my undies in a bunch.  Not only are you showing me your level of investment in your life, you're shortchanging yourself in the process.  Double ick.  Please don't do either.  I don't draw the line many places, but this is a major one.  Don't make me call your momma!  But for reals, one time I can understand - life happens.  Twice, well now you're starting to show how you move through the world (oh, and we'll talk about this).  Three times and no mas with me.  You can find yourself another coach.


expiring gifts and packages

There's a reason these have an expiration date on them.  It's to encourage (aka force) you to use them.  But also, it's a money and time management thing on my end.  I reserve space for you in my schedule - I'm actually expecting you to show up.  When you don't step into the space I've held for you, I can't open it up for someone who really wants to be there.  I've held the reservation for you, in my mind you've used your time.  No hard feelings, but no refunds either - I held up my end.  It's your turn.  Plan accordingly.



Self development work requires your participation. The degree to which you participate and show up correlates to the results you get.  My guarantee is that I will show up 150% for you, with you, every moment.  I lay everything out on the table.  If there's something you're not getting from me, ask for it.  If we've gone down one path and you'd prefer another - say so.  You lead, but I'm going to paddle like hell to get you to the distant shores.  Only thing is, you've got to be in the boat... don't stand on the beach and blame me because you're no closer to where you want to be.  Hand-in-hand, that's how we roll.


By now, you probably have a sense that I don't really accept excuses.  It's part of the job of being your coach (aka, why you pay me).  If I accept your excuses/rationale/reasons, then I keep letting you get away with the same behaviors that keep you stuck, unhappy, and out of alignment with your heart.  It my role to shine light on these moments, as most of the time you're not even aware it's happening anymore.  It's a habit...  One I aim to replace with integrity.  You'll thank me later, but for now I'll accept your discomfort and frustration as proof I'm doing a good job ;)